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Examples of “microcircuit”

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The inspection system enabled the user to scan the surface of hybrid microcircuits.
Soda Long amp; Manteau amp; Soda amp; Soda Long Long Scotch Manteau Manteau Scotch Soda Scotch Scotch Manteau amp; This creates exclusive microcircuits for processing information that are reflected in the receptive-field properties of each ganglion cell type.
Manteau Long Soda Scotch amp; Soda Scotch Manteau amp; Manteau Manteau Long amp; Long Scotch Scotch amp; Soda Soda Circles represent abstract neurons (or neuronal microcircuits), whose states are represented by activations.
A hypothesis is put forward that geniculocortical afferent and basket cell synapses may be spatially paired in a spine-shaft microcircuit.
Based on this potential numerical similarity, a geniculate-basket synaptic pairing in a spine-shaft microcircuit is hypothesized.
General anesthesia, however, alters single cell as well as network dynamics limiting our ability to comprehend the rules of cortical microcircuit function.
In office machinery, computers, household electronic goods, electrical components and microcircuits, the deficit has worsened substantially.
What happened can be illustrated by tracing the history of a typical standard microcircuit known as a "quad gate".
The microcircuit and the microchip make it easier and cheaper, but such interfaces cause attenuation.
I was referring to microelectronic chips and microcircuits.
Public purchasing authorities do not, however, buy microcircuits as such, but electronic equipments which incorporate them.
It covers research on miniaturized electronic devices, microcircuit engineering, semiconductor technology, and systems engineering.
However, wires, microcircuit connections, sheet metal, foils, ribbons and meshes are often joined using ultrasonic welding.
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Continuing efforts will focus on hardware development through the stages of microcircuit development, fabrication process development, single chip system development, and multi-chip system development.
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These manufacturers were involved in both the research and development of manufacturing processes and the research and development of microcircuit design.
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